The Ultimate Guide to Creativity for Moms

The Ultimate Guide to Creativity for Moms

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As I’ve journeyed into and throughout Motherhood, I’ve realized something that I wouldn’t have thought about “pre-kids”: Moms are the greatest example of creative thinking that there is. You see, when I talk about creativity as a concept, I’m not just talking about artists, musicians, and dancers. Creative thinking can be woven into every life, every day, for all kinds of positive results. And mamas, you are already using creative thinking more than you realize. This Ultimate Guide to Creativity for Moms is here to help you understand creativity a little better: how it benefits you, how you can get more of it, and how to infuse it into your parenting so that you and your kids will benefit.

What is Creativity and Who’s Got it?

Creativity has many definitions. I believe it’s something accessible to all. It may seem like some people have more of it than others. But really those who seem to have lots are just harnessing creative thinking in a specific way and have just chosen to put their focus there. Creativity doesn’t only materialize into The Arts either. You’ll find it in every career path, every personality, every demographic.

If you want to know more about what creativity is and how it’s inside of us all, here are some posts for you:

Moms and Creativity

I hope that when you hear the word mom, you think of a uniquely creative being. Think about how much on-the-spot idea generation motherhood takes. The games you make up to get your kids to the bath or get them to try a new food. How about the imagination you use to follow a 4-year-old’s storytelling or how you figure out for the first time how to take more than 1 kid to the grocery store? There is so much creative thinking that goes on just to make the basics of life happen. 

It may feel like a struggle sometimes. But let me remind you that so is writing a song or painting a painting or creating a dance. 

creative mom with daughter sticking out tongues

If there’s still a question in your mind, here’s a reminder of your creativity that will make you smile:

Boosting Our Creativity

Creativity has a 5-part definition, as I share in my post about Simplifying the Definition of Creativity. The essence of this definition is that creativity can be increased (or decreased) and that there are things we can do to influence its presence in our lives. Creative thinking is a skill like learning a language, baking, or woodworking. You need the right tools, the right environment, and the right mindset. You practice it, and you get better at it.

If you want more creativity in your life, these posts are essential for you:

Creativity (for moms AND kids) through Music

There are so many ways to infuse creativity into your life and the lives of your family. One of my personal favorite ways is through music. Why? Music is already in your life. We’ve all got a favorite song. Music plays in restaurants, it plays while we wait on hold on the phone, and it can even be heard in nature as birdsong and crickets chirping. Whether or not you play an instrument or define yourself as a singer, you can be a part of a musical experience. Swaying your body, clapping, snapping, and singing along — even if you can’t sing on key — are all ways we experience music.

In this way, it’s easy to use music to build a connection with your kids, engage their creativity, and just have fun — no matter what level of musicianship you have. And these benefits of music are yours, too. 

young girl playing ukulele

If you are interested in more of the science-proven benefits and want some real tips on adding music to your life, you’ll love these posts:

Creativity (for moms AND kids) through Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are so popular with kids because they can start doing them from a really young age. They are so good at it because they don’t overthink it like adults have been conditioned to do. Kids tend to be better at following instincts and not worrying about making mistakes. It’s pretty inspiring actually. 

And forget your kids for just a minute… Do you have an “art” outlet? If not, I highly recommend it. Drawing, knitting, sculpting, crafting, painting, building. If you are looking for something low-commitment, low-cost, how about coloring? Adult coloring books (this one is a favorite) are relaxing and meditative, and they are inexpensive and don’t require any special skills.

What’s great about arts and crafts is that you can do them solo, in your own “adult” time, and you can also do them WITH your kids as a way to connect.

So keep some art supplies on hand — whether it’s playdoh, crayons, paints, pencils, dried pasta, pipe cleaners, etc. If your kid is older, your supplies may change a little. Knitting needles and yarn, coloring books, magazines and scissors, beads and string, etc. I took up painting at age 38. I love that a tube of paint can be interesting to a 3-year-old AND a 38-year-old. 

creativity for moms doing sketches with markers

Putting your hands on materials, having interactions with color, and molding and shaping items into something beautiful (or not!) is so empowering for any age. It has benefits beyond measure. 

Creativity is everywhere!

Besides arts, crafts, and music, there are so many other places to use creative thinking. It’s a mindset. Imagination and problem-solving. Creativity is present in science, in technology, in organizing a closet, and in parenting a child. It’s visualizing the future, seeing potential, and embracing flexibility. Creativity can change your life.

Let yourself dream, let yourself fail, and give yourself what you need for creative thinking to thrive. Just like you feed a plant with light, water, and fertilizer; a baby with breastmilk or formula; a car with gasoline — if you want to grow creativity or fuel your imagination, give yourself the food and fuel that makes it happen. What inspires you? 

Share with us in the comments below: What is YOUR creative outlet? And if you found this post helpful, don’t forget to share The Ultimate Guide to Creativity for Moms on your social media!

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