Mama, You Are the Most Creative Being of All

Mama, You Are the Most Creative Being of All

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This is my love song to all the moms out there — doing all the things that go unseen, feeling all the feelings that aren’t understood, and keeping their families going day after day. Moms, you are the most creative beings of all — and most of you don’t even realize it. 

Here’s a list of your most creative achievements in 10 different areas of life. You deserve a freakin’ medal for each one, mama.

1. Cooking

From star-shaped cheese to a masterful interpretation of “bumps on a log,” you are constantly raising the bar on getting your kids to try new foods. Blending spinach unseen into dishes others would have thought impossible, your imagination is thriving in the kitchen. 

2. Visual Art

It takes a pure genius to see a dog from the 3 lines and 12 dots your child scribbled onto the back of your to-do list, and you did it. Your imagination is admirable. Also the tracing you did of your kid’s hand was pretty stellar.

3. Music

Even if they don’t say it, your child’s favorite lullaby singer is you. Whether your style is perfect pitch and smoothly sung ballads or cracked notes and “what are the words again?” you deserve a Grammy. I hear the love in your voice either way. So does your kid.

4. Fashion

Your child is clearly aware that mismatched patterns are IN. In fact, so are mismatched socks and blackberry-stained shirts. The combination of them all is truly stunning, and the creative power it takes to achieve these looks is definitely high-level.

5. Sports

Dodgeball is my winning sport. How about you? My toddler has an impressive throwing arm. And I have perfected the art of dodging a variety of toys that get thrown at my head. However, as moms, we don’t limit sports to the field. We bring it into every room in the house, thanks to our groundbreaking innovative thinking.

6. Time Management

Only first-rate creatives can get everyone shoved out the door on a weekday morning. To move from packing lunches to finding lost shoes to brushing your own teeth somewhere in there, it takes a real artist. The most creative beings manage time like a chaotic piece of art.

7. Personal Hygiene

The art of peeing with an audience is one that you do not practice; you just artfully do. How and when you shower, dry your hair (or don’t dry your hair), and apply (or forget to apply) deodorant takes major creative thinking — especially when kids are young. 

8. Home Office Organization

You’ll probably need to share the medal for this one with your kid. When your child is set free in your office space, the post-it notes become art and the whiteboard markers become legos. Not only that, but the recycling basket emptied of its contents in a deliberately playful arrangement by your toddler is mindblowing. Kudos to you and your children combined.

9. Acrobatics

Leaning across the table to catch that cup of milk right on the edge with one hand as you used your foot to kick the block your little one was about to trip over was a flawless move of extreme dexterity and inventiveness. As is reaching out to save your kid from hitting their head as they tumble off the side of the couch — without even looking, no less!

10. Love

In the area of love, your creative powers shine through in a truly champion way. There is beautiful artistry in guiding your children to navigate their emotions as you cover their needs for survival and give them unfailing support and encouragement. To balance the affection, the discipline, and everything in between takes creativity like nothing else. 

Moms, you are truly the most creative beings of all. 

Share the moment you’ve felt most creative as a mom in comments below. Be sure to check out The Ultimate Guide to Motherhood for more inspiration and tips on keeping your sanity as a mom.

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I'm an artist, musician, and mother of two boys. My goal is to help you keep your sanity, find your peace, and thrive on this wild journey called Motherhood.

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