25 Things That Are Easier Than Getting a 3 Year Old Dressed in the Morning

25 Things That Are Easier Than Getting a 3 Year Old Dressed in the Morning

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Getting a 3-year-old dressed can be a fierce battle of wills. And three-year-olds have so many clever tools in their arsenal.

First, there’s: “Distract with giggling.” They laugh. Mommy laughs. For a brief moment, getting dressed is forgotten.

When that wears off, there’s: “Run away.” They just flee the scene. There may or may not still be some of the giggling happening. The giggling, however, has probably turned to cackles at this point.

Third tactic: “Resist verbally.” And you know, sometimes their arguments are actually pretty valid. Yes, little guy, underwear on your head does look sorta cute on you.

Finally, there’s: “Physically move body like a wet noddle or flail limbs with wild abandon.” This is where it turns into a cardio activity. One in which you may even need body armor and face protection.

For mamas, it goes quickly from cute to annoying to infuriating (and sometimes back to cute again).

And how can we deal with these moments of wildly fluctuating emotional turbulence? Laugh. Admire their stubborn persistence. Laugh again.

If your most commonly spoken phrase is not “I love you,” but “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOULD YOU PLEASE PUT ON YOUR SHOES,” this post is for you.

Here’s a list of 25 things that are easier than clothing your preschooler.

Why? Because if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry.

  1. Putting a balloon dress on a cactus
  2. Potty training a 2-year-old
  3. Building a human inside your body for 9 months
  4. Enlisting a colony of ants to do the yard work
  5. Flying to the moon
  6. Dressing a grasshopper in a tiny tuxedo
  7. Making pancakes while holding a 1-year-old, hula hooping, and balancing a spoon on your nose
  8. Potty training a cat (Yes, this is a real thing)
  9. Getting a picture of the tuxedo grasshopper next to the balloon-cactus
  10. Getting all the birds in your backyard to form a boy band
  11. Staying dry while going swimming
  12. Making a complete dinner out of raisins, barbecue sauce, and a Lime LaCroix
  13. Understanding tax laws
  14. Sneezing with your eyes open
  15. Taking the Mona Lisa out for brunch and mimosas
  16. Birthing a human that was in your body for 9 months
  17. Saying no to Oprah as she offers you a free car
  18. Sleeping on an airplane, in the middle seat, with extra turbulence
  19. Waiting for Spring Break to end (I love my kids)
  20. Finding the last piece of that stupid construction site puzzle
  21. Potty training a 2-year-old on an airplane, with extra turbulence (and in the middle seat)
  22. Remembering all the words to “It’s the End of the World as We Know it” by REM
  23. Opening a coconut
  24. Admitting my husband is right about something
  25. Explaining a naked 3-year-old to his teacher

Getting a 3-year-old dressed takes courage, mama. Kudos to you.

If this made you smile, please share it with someone who needs it! And after that, you’ll love reading this post: The Ultimate Guide to Motherhood.

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