7 Ways to Channel Your Crazy Mommy Energy

7 Ways to Channel Your Crazy Mommy Energy

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What IS Crazy Mommy Energy? If you have kids, you know. If you’re losing your mind and feel like one more nudge might cause you to explode, you have experienced it. You may have announced it aloud to your family, in a way similar to: “You’re driving me nuts!” Mama, you carry so much on your shoulders, and you should be provided with some reasonable options to express the frustration and channel your crazy. (Or at least be given permission to have a sense of humor about it, right?!)

So here are 7 places to channel your Crazy Mommy Energy.

1. Rage-cleaning.

Scrubbing the toilet angry gets it the cleanest. I’m pretty sure that’s backed by science somewhere. Rage-dishwashing isn’t recommended because when you rage-wash a drinking glass, it sometimes gets rage-broken, and then the rage-cleaning for that is just excessive.

2. Tightly clenching jaw while fake-smiling.

channel crazy mommy energy by fake smiling

This one requires such minimal effort that it’s a really efficient way to multitask. Express the crazy while also having a conversation, getting the mail, or writing a blog post.

3. Journal it.

I have this feeling that I will one day look back at the baby years with fondness because all the pictures of my kids that I save are the ultra-cute, so sweet, “oh look at those squishy cheeks” kind of pictures. I didn’t take pictures of the crying, the screaming, the melting down, or the ugly messes. Or when the kids did those things either. Writing down the crazy will restore balance to the universe.

4. Ice cream.

Cold temperatures diffuse chaos. (Isn’t that common knowledge?) Also, the rich, creamy goodness of ice cream cancels out up to 28 frustrating interactions you may have had with other humans during the day.

5. Marie Kondo your closet.

channel crazy mommy energy by purging closet

The perfect time to purge is when you and sentimentality aren’t talking. There’s no wishy-washy, “Ohhh but I might wear this one day,” for that shirt you bought 12 years ago that still has the tags on it. (Click here if you want to know more about Marie Kondo.)

6. Melt the crazy in a warm shower.

I started to write “bath,” and that’s pretty funny. If you’re a mom, one of these scenarios would happen:

(A) You literally have forgotten how to sit still for 15 minutes; therefore the crazy goes unmelted.

(B) You would turn on the water, try to go get other things done while it’s filling up, and then you would end up with a flooded bathroom because you forgot.

(C) You just don’t want to take a bath in there because it hasn’t really been cleaned in 3 years.

7. Rage-baking.

Like rage-cleaning except there’s banana bread at the end! Unless you are making cookies. If you are making cookies and you end up with banana bread, then your rage is also magic.

The Great Big Bonus Takeaway

Don’t keep it bottled up inside. When we don’t relieve the tension, it bubbles up to a hot boiling explosion. Think of that horrid sound a tea kettle on the stove makes.

The bonus takeaway is that laughter is an awesome reducer of stress. It increases endorphins, decreases heart rate and blood pressure, and stimulates circulation. It can also reduce pain, help you fight off illness, improve your mood, and strengthen bonds with others when shared.

That’s why posts like this one get written. Sometimes laughing through the tough times helps open up the bottle just enough to relieve some of the pressure.

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Cyndi Harvell Lee

I'm an artist, musician, and mother of two boys. My goal is to help you keep your sanity, find your peace, and thrive on this wild journey called Motherhood.

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