4 Steps to Boosting Your Family’s Connection with Music

4 Steps to Boosting Your Family’s Connection with Music

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Music has a ridiculous amount of benefits on the mind and body. It’s not just a “nice idea” either; it’s actually proven by science. Therefore, exposing our kids to music as they grow gives them valuable tools for dealing with stress, boosting their happiness, and increasing their confidence and self-worth.

Getting more music into your family life is not only good for your kids, but it’s good for you, too. And what’s more, it’s a fabulous connection tool. It can strengthen your bonds, improve your relationship, and deepen your rapport.

So you’re on board with getting more music into your family life. Great! But if you don’t have a musical background, it can feel intimidating to be the one to introduce it. The good news is that you don’t have to be a professional to reap the benefits of what music has to offer us.

Additionally, there are a few simple things you can do to make it easier to bring music into your day-to-day. It’s just a matter of having the music or the music-making tools easily accessible.

getting more music into your family life by having instruments available

1. Get a sound system.

If you don’t already have connected speakers throughout your house or at least in the main rooms of your house, a system like Sonos can play music from various sources, including your phone or computer. (We have one in our kitchen/living room and one in the kids’ playroom.)

2. Get your music ready to play.

Create playlists for different moods or find some that are already made. Make sure to save some options of new stuff so that you and your kids can explore songs and artists you aren’t yet familiar with.

3. Get instruments.

Make instruments available in the play areas (or wherever you want them!) Shakers, kids drums, boomwhackers, kids instruments, tambourines, etc. They don’t have to be fancy or expensive. But they do need to make SOUNDS!

Click the image below to get this set of boomwhackers now, perfect for all-ages. No musical experience needed!

4. Get your mind SET.

Lastly, change your mindset into a creative one. Creativity isn’t only for artists and musicians. It can be for landscapers, real estate agents, chefs, and motivational speakers. It doesn’t have to equal pink hair, outrageous sculptures in the front lawn, and a house in complete disarray (though I’ve got that last one down to T). If I were to choose one thing to focus on here, it would be an openness to growth and learning (from your mistakes, from your kids, from unexpected sources, etc.). Have fun and be playful.

Music is a connector. It can improve our mood and lift our spirits. It’s also a fabulous way to encourage creativity. And creative kids become innovative adults. If we, as parents, can nurture a skill in our children that can brighten their future and that of the world, then it’s worth it. If that skill can also help us build a bond and enjoy each other even more, then it’s kind of a no-brainer, right?

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