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Self Care

Self care is more than just a spa day. (And who has time for that, anyway?!) Integrate caring for your mind + body + spirit into your daily life to avoid burnout and overwhelm.


Parenting is HARD. Remembering your own identity outside of parenting can be even harder. Set the groundwork for better flow in your life by taking control of your thoughts and emotions.


Spark your imagination, lift your spirits, and be inspired to follow your dreams. Be inspired to create something new or simply feel a part of a community of women just like you.

Time Management

Take control of your schedule, your routines, and your productivity with techniques and tools to manage your time. Getting things done without the stress = pure joy.

Cyndi Harvell Lee

Hi. I'm Cyndi.

I'm an artist, musician, and mother of 2 boys. I love reading fantasy novels, hiking outdoors, and organizing the junk drawer in the kitchen over and over again.

I know what it feels like to be drowning in the chaos of motherhood. And I also know how to get out of it. Loud Motherhood is full of practical tools, techniques, and inspiration for self-care, mindfulness, and time management.

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