Loud Motherhood
Cyndi Harvell Lee

Hi. I'm Cyndi.

I'm an artist and entrepreneur with 2 wildly energetic young boys. Before blogging and kids, I wrote original music for TV, movies, and audiences world-wide. Now I'm in love with writing articles and books to support other moms.

I know what it feels like to be drowning in the chaos of motherhood. And I also know how to get out of it. My intent is to empower moms everywhere with tools and techniques to eliminate stress and reconnect with their own sense of identity throughout motherhood.

Learn strategies for effectively dealing with overwhelm so you can get back to being YOU.

10 Powerful Strategies for Crushing Overwhelm e-book cover

Hey mama, what do you need help with?

Self Care

Self care is more than just a spa day. (And who has time for that, anyway?!) Integrate caring for your mind + body + spirit into your daily life to avoid burnout and overwhelm.


Parenting is HARD. Remembering your own identity outside of parenting can be even harder. Set the groundwork for better flow in your life by taking control of your thoughts and emotions.


Spark your imagination, lift your spirits, and be inspired to follow your dreams. Be inspired to create something new or simply feel a part of a community of women just like you.

Time Management

Take control of your schedule, your routines, and your productivity with techniques and tools to manage your time. Getting things done without the stress = pure joy.

Recent Posts

Do You Want to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed? Read This.

Do you ever feel like you’re being bombarded from every angle with doctor’s appointments, school forms, grocery runs, and endless piles of laundry? And then on top of that, the world is screaming for your attention with constant pop-up notifications and pings on your smartphone that want to remind you that you haven’t checked Instagram […]

How to Make a Vision Board That Will Transform Your Life

*This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through the link, I get a small percentage. I only share products that I fully stand behind and/or have already used myself, and I would link to them even without compensation. Years ago, my husband came home from a life-coaching workshop with a poster board […]

Mindfulness: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Mindfulness. There was a time when this word intimidated me. A lot. It seemed so… mature. So distinguished. Both enlightened and exclusive. I’ve since learned that it’s one of the most accessible practices for stress reduction out there. And the more it’s practiced, the more its benefits grow. I’m sharing everything you need to know […]

The Ultimate Guide to Motherhood (Keeping Your Sanity & Identity)

Moms go through a revolution. Within. We lose the previous version of ourselves and we’re shoved into a new version with no guidebook and no instruction. We don’t even get to grieve the loss of the old version of us. And as we struggle to keep up with the ever-changing needs of our children, it […]

5 Easy Steps to Reach Big Goals in Less Time

Managing your time these days has you feeling crazy, am I right? Balancing all the things on your to-do list is an ongoing feat. To make the absolute best use of our time, we have to have a clear grasp on what our priorities are. And to be able to choose our priorities for the […]

Mama, You Are the Most Creative Being of All

This is my love song to all the moms out there — doing all the things that go unseen, feeling all the feelings that aren’t understood, and keeping their families going day after day. Moms, you are the most creative beings of all — and most of you don’t even realize it.  Here’s a list […]

Big Picture Goal Setting: Mapping it Out in 6 Easy Steps

*This post contains affiliate links. If you click, I get a small percentage. I only share products that I fully stand behind and/or have already used myself, and I would link to them even without compensation. Let’s talk big picture goal setting. There was a time when I thought setting goals was a waste of […]

Hitting the Breaking Point (A Motherhood Story About All the Feelings)

Hey mama. This is a true story about the real-life feelings of motherhood. We start the story in disaster. But we end in redemption. So stick with it, yeah? Tonight, everything crashed on me in the mother of all monsoons. And the funny thing is, if you were looking from the outside in, you probably […]

The Best Advice for New Moms

When you’re a new mom, everyone wants to give you advice. Other moms, other dads, non-parents, your own parents, complete strangers’ parents… the list goes on. I got a lot of both solicited and unsolicited input in those early days. But the best advice for new moms I received was far simpler than you might […]

Why Balance in Motherhood is a Myth (and How to Be Okay With That)

I spent a lot of time in the first months of both of my son’s lives trying to figure out how to find the unicorn that is balance in motherhood. Sound familiar? I read articles and blogs on how to achieve it. Everything I read led me to think, “Was this written by a young […]

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